Producing olive oil is a family matter. We care for the hands in our field the same as we care for the mouths at our table. It is important to us that you know that the oil you drink, eat, and bathe in is our love as much as it is our work.

We hope that through our land you learn the love of Italy and the quality of Tuscan life. See you soon. 

We are Eleonora and Marco Calamai. We own the Villa Monteoriolo and we are so happy to call it home.

We have three children- Tommaso, Filippo, and Livia. For us Villa Monteoriolo is the hub of our activity and where we like to spend our time together the most. Our farm and our land are so a part of everything we have in our memories and our hearts: it is where our daughter was married and our love for each other grew into a marriage. 

Whether it be a friend's birthday party, a family Sunday, or an afternoon by the pool our home is always open to friends, family, and traveler's alike. We love hosting those we love and even those we do not yet know ... it is our joy.