Il NostrO Olio


Producing delicious olive oil is an old family tradition. For 200 years - it was then that this ground became our property – it has been our family’s purpose to provide a top quality product, following strictly the rules of our ancestors. Our land covers 30 hectares, where you can admire 6000 strong and healthy olive trees. 

The Etruscans produced olive oil in this area which is an ideal topography thanks to our climate and soil. Just like them we still pick our olives only by hand, in order to keep each fruit intact until it’s crushed in the oil mill – a process that has to take place the same night after it has been picked. 

In this way our olive oil preserves a low grade of acidity which is one of Tuscany’s secrets. But it’s not only the process which makes our Tuscan oil so different from all the others. It’s also the combination of different varieties of olives which plays a fundamental role. On Monteoriolo we grow Frantoiano, Moraiolo and Leccino trees, each with its own characteristics – one for the taste, one for the perfume and one for the color.